It is not a secret that gaming is much more than just a form of entertainment. When it is well-organize and well-thought-out, it also becomes an influential factor in various educational processes and builds virtual universes that support socialization and teamwork. We would like to take this opportunity to tell you about the design project that we completed for the service, which also touched and amplified that diverse aspect of life.

We are please to invite you to review the case study on the design of the brand identity and the creation of the website for BlockStock, which is a resource that assists developers and educators in easily obtaining cool models and assets in the Minecraft style.

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Customers and the Project

BlockStock is the place to go for Minecraft models and assets that are of both high quality and affordable price. It offers assistance to novice developers who are planning to create educational, architectural, or entertainment projects within the Minecraft global environment. BlockStock offers hundreds of theme-adaptive 3D models, which not only make the development process more efficient and flexible, but also add a touch of genuine appeal and aesthetic appeal to the process.

Shapescape ApS, a video game development company that primarily focuses on Minecraft and the incorporation of gaming into educational settings, is the company that originally established the service. Since 2013, they have been developing a variety of products that are center on aspects such as education, immersion, and entertainment. Additionally, they have work together with educational institutions, governments, and multinational corporations like the World Bank to develop projects that are specifically tailor to meet their requirements. Shapescape approached our team in the early stages of developing a platform store/website called BlockStock. Their goal was to distribute a variety of 3D assets that they had created and gathered over the years. They would like to share this catalog with the general public so that they can contribute to it and browse through it.

Tubik was tasked with developing a brand identity design that was both clean and robust, with the intention of appealing to the target audience, establishing an emotional connection, and easily adapting to various marketing goals. Additionally, the company was tasked with developing a website that was user-friendly, straightforward, and informative, with the goal of enabling the brand to effectively communicate with its customers.

Designing an Identity

After having a conversation about the client’s preferences, conducting market research, and conducting an analysis of the target audience, the team began working on the design of the brand identity with the core choices, which included the colors of the brand, the typography, and the effective logo that serves as a symbolic visual representation of the brand.

The graphic designer began the process of ideation by generating a variety of concepts based on the essential distinguishing feature of the Minecraft universe, which is comprise entirely of square shapes and pixels.

Before moving on to the next stage, he experimented with a number of different approaches to incorporate pixelation and elements that were either square or cubic as a significant component of artistic direction into the visual style of the brand. Moreover, it was of the utmost importance to take into consideration the aspect of textures that were present in the vast variety that exists within the Minecraft universe.

In addition, the collection of bespoke models was developed in order to delve more deeply into the overarching concept of how Minecraft operates and to acquire a collection of unique and useful graphics that can be incorporated into the process of designing the identity and the website. Take a quick look at the creative search stage, which is presented here.

Exhibit at

Here is a more in-depth look at the font selection that made for the project. The Stolzl font is straightforward, moderately curvy, and easily readable. Additionally, the Stolzl Display font is decorative and features squared shapes for taglines, headings, and accent text elements. Due to the fact that they are members of the same font family. The pair produces a pleasing contrast while also forming a harmonious combination. This gives the designer the ability to create typography elements that are both interesting and unique for use in marketing materials and branded components. And the body text written in Inter font. Which was chosen because it is extremely simple to scan and read.


Additional essential components of the design system for the visual brand identity included two components that are inherent to each Minecraft in-game biome. These components were the sun and moon. As well as the bedrock block. Which had a texture that was easily familiar. Whatever the content was, whether it was a text block or a 3D model, the texture of the block served as a transparent base on which to place it. The designers created the Simplified background by drawing inspiration from the sun and its glowing segments. Their intention was to create the impression of space and natural lighting during the process.

Creating a symbol that could serve as a visual hint of the brand in places where the full wordmark would not be convenient to use or efficient was another important task of the effective identity design for BlockStock. For instance, the favicon of the website or the avatar image in the social network accounts are examples of places where the full wordmark would not be useful. During the stage of ideation for this objective. A large number of different variants were generate, and selecting just one of them was a very difficult task. In the end, the decision made to go with the green symbol. Which display a shape that visually resemble the letter B while also reminiscent of a building block. Make sure you check how it works for the various communication goals of the brand.

Layout of a Website

BlockStock’s website design is based on the central pillars of an effective e-commerce website, which are clarity, functionality. Engagement, and a straightforward method of making purchases. Consequently, the home page was design to not only be visually appealing and emotionally connected to the Minecraft universe, but also to be straightforward, scannable, and uncluttered.

This done in order to allow visitors to experience the essence of the game and quickly locate the assets they require, rather than overwhelming them from the very beginning. In point of fact. The content of the home page is able to fit within the above-the-fold area, and the browser does not require the visitor to scroll down. Customers have the option of proceeding with one of the three primary categories of the assets that are being offer by selecting from three tabs.

Alternatively, they can immediately use the internal search by typing the keywords into the large and noticeable search field of the website.

There is a strong emphasis place on the visual of the items, and the rest of the page serves as a canvas that is light and airy. The functional pages of the website are nice and clean, adhering to the best practices of e-commerce design.

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